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Traditional Whiskey Sour

Welcome to Stuck In Traffic Podcast's Bartending School. Hater Hayley is going to let all you alcoholics know how to make a traditional whiskey sour. All you need is Whiskey, sour mix, and egg whites. I know egg whites sound gross but it actually makes it taste smooth and frothy. This drink is one of the groups favorites and that is why we are starting off with this one.

If you want to know more about how this drink tastes and hear crazy stories listen to episode number 26 of the Stuck In Traffic Podcast.

Crunchy Nut Song 

Crunchy Nut is a song that Eli and Hayley came up with in our 4th episode. You can listen to the whole podcast in episode 04.

Clutch, Shift, Gas

An old high school film project. Shadrach original song "Clutch, Shift, Gas".  I loved doing projects like this. Thinking about doing more but only if I want to relearn all the editing and what not.  Well hope you find this funny.