Friends of the Podcast

Elijah is the author of  700 Gentleman and Play. You can currently buy these books at Amazon. If you want to follow this writer you can on facebook at Elijah Cooksey. 


Elijah Cooksey


HiDef the Chef is amazingly funny with everything that he does. If you have not checked him out yet you need to! Follow him on Instagram @HiDef_the_Chef and be sure to check out his music on YouTube by clicking here.

Comedy Rapper, Director

HiDef the Chef


Miss Art World aka Katie Cooksey does performance, video, and conceptual art pieces. She has her own podcast called Art World Podcast which you can check out on apple podcast, Soundcloud, or anywhere podcast can be found. Check out her art


Miss Art World


King is one of the best stand up comedians in LA. He wears a bunch of hats because he also writes and acts. He wrote The Bad Boys of LA. Be sure that if you are in LA to go to one of his stand up shows because you are sure to die laughing. Find out where he will be next on Instagram kinghassan_o 

Comedian, Writer, Actor 

King Hassan


Mike is an actor, writer, comedian, in the LA area. He was once a sports radio host in Kansas City that is till he moved out to LA to do stand up. His stand up will make your sides hurt from laughing so much. Be sure to check out his bio at 


Mike Welch


Ashley is the off and on again new girl that ever actually brings any news articles but she does bring a fun outlook on the world. She is always willing to do a podcast and bring what she thinks to the table. You can follow this fun loving girl on instagram at ashmhue 

News Girl

Ashley Heuer


Derrick is an old friend of Samuel's who can literally talk hours and hours to Samuel about anything. And they do! It normally takes two episodes for them to stop talking. Derrick makes music and beats for rappers. Follow him on instagram dubious9000


Derrick Dubon

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