Samuel Cooksey talks to up-and-coming artist, actors, comedians, and writers. They talk about life, news, sex, dating, nothing is off the table. In each episode they will try a new drink and give it a rating one through five, and for the love of GOD not decimals! Thank you for sharing because without all of you we would not be here. If you want to send us a topic, game idea, or a drink to have us try let us know on instagram @Samuel_P_Cooksey. 

The Samuel Cooksey Project 

The Podcast That Gets You There




The Podcast

Stuck In Traffic is a weekly podcast where Samuel Cooksey take the helm talking about what they think and what they are going through. Fights, rants, and pointless topics come up all the time. We are not afraid to say what we think, or push each other to get ahead during one of our games. Stuck in Traffic Podcast is for someone who is looking for something to listen to while you are stuck in traffic (I know, it's a clever name) or doing whatever. Stuck in Traffic Podcast is also great when you find yourself bored out of your mind. And yes, before you ask, we are always looking for an excuse to drink mid week.

The Cast

Samuel Cooksey

[[ The guy in every episode]]


This devilishly handsome man is the creator of Stuck In Traffic Podcast. He has already started and ran a successful lifeguard company. He also is the writer of Hayley and the Berserker King wich you can get on Amazon.  He has endless amazing ideas, but his mind runs at a million miles per hour and funds don't. He'll get them all out and onto paper eventually.